The Night’s Inn Motel

The Night’s Inn is an existing 26 room motel operating in a St. Cloud on Highway 10. The property consists of a wood frame structure and is been operated as a motel. There are no long-term or fixed term leases strictly daily, weekly, and monthly rentals.

The value is the land. The property consists of 4.96 acres, including road right-of-way, for a total square footage of 216,058 square feet more or less.

The land is presently zoned C5 and is the last large parcel of developable land in this area of Highway 10. Contiguous to this site is an additional 150 x 392′ parcel containing 58,719 square feet. Please review the attached map to see how it ties in with the Night’s Inn property.

Contact Information:

Robert C. Abel, Broker

Phone: (320) 253-9746

Fax: (320) 253-1030

Cell: (320) 267-6003


Property Info:

720 Hwy 10 South
St. Cloud, MN 56304
  • Night’s Inn: $1,850,000
  • 7th Street Site: $410,000
  • Both Properties: $2,260,000
  • Blend Rate: $8,20 PSF

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